Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Dog, New Trick

Now that Robie's bumper sensor is wired up, I felt I should add some code to make it functional. For the most part the control logic is the same. But now when the bump sensor activates I stop the motors from going forward until they have gone in reverse first. This prevents the wheels from spinning constantly as Robie is inevitably steered in to a wall or some other inanimate object. Additionally his eyes will turn purple. Why? Because why not. Also you ask too many questions :-P

Here's how this looks in action:

It's a bit dicey without the cover on. Unfortunately the cover is part of what holds the bumper in place. So it pops off quite easily. But I managed to at least take that video.

Here's a diff for the additional code:

As you can see there's not really much to it. I set up the pins for the bumper and the other switches (which don't really do anything yet). Then I set up 2 global variables to specify when the bumper is tripped. Why two? Because I want to ensure both motors are stopped individually. That way I know both have gone in reverse so I can reactivate the forward motion.

The main work is done in the bumper_pressed_callback function. The callback is triggered by an interrupt. So the code will continue looping until the bumper is pressed. Then the callback gets triggered and does its magic.

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